Les Frères Laffitte vignerons gascons à Ayzieu, Gers en Gascogne

« Welcome to Gascony» 

We are two brothers living in Gascony. Our family LAFFITTE lives on these territories since Medieval Time! There are archives at the town hall of Ayzieu (our village) which find traces of our family since the 15th century!


"La Fitte" meant "Stone" in Gascon.


In our family, there has always been only one son. This is why the property was transmitted on from father to son since centuries...


Now, it's the first time when there are 2 sons so 2 brothers Laffitte (Christophe et Sébastien).


Our family has always produced armagnac. Our parents begun to make wine. We continued the work of our ancestors and we have conceived and developed our 2 brands of wine. Thus, “Le Petit Gascoûn” et “Domaine Laffitte” were born!


At first, Le Petit Gascoûn, the marinière and the beret are two symbols of France et our région (South West). Usually, people put red berets and mariners at village festivals in summer which are very frequent in Gascony.


Then comes "Domaine Laffitte" and "Le Tandem". Always in joy and fun like gascon people! The goose refers to Sebastien, big, strong, hardy. The dug is Christophe, smaller but clever and also very important in Gascony.

The two brothers work together. This is where the idea of ​​the tandem comes from.


We grow several grape varieties : Sauvignon blanc and gris, Colombard, Gros and Petit Manseng, Cabernet franc, etc.

In one generation, our property grew from 18 to 120 ha of vineyard! Due to this tight-knit tandem.

Sincerely yours,

Christophe et Sébastien LAFFITTE