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About Us

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Our history

We are two brothers living in Gascony. Our LAFFITTE family has lived in these territories since medieval times! There are archives at the town hall of Ayzieu (our village) which find traces of our family since the 15th century!


"La Fitte" meant "Pierre" in Gascon.


In our family, there has always been one son. This is why the property has been passed down from father to son for centuries...


Now, it's the first time that there are 2 sons, so 2 Laffitte brothers (Christophe and Sébastien).


Our family has always produced Armagnac. Our parents started making wine. We have continued the work of our ancestors and we have designed and developed our 4 wine brands : Le Petit Gascoûn, Domaine Laffitte, Domaine de Plaisance and Domaine des Frères Laffitte!


Initially, Le Petit Gascoûn, the marinière and the beret are two symbols of France and our region (South West). Usually, people put on red berets and marinières during village festivals in summer which are very common in Gascony.


Then comes the Domaine Laffitte. Always in joy and good humor like the Gascons! The goose designates Sébastien, tall, strong, rustic. The duck is Christophe, smaller but intelligent and also very important in Gascony.

The two brothers work together. This is where the idea of the tandem came from.


We grow several grape varieties: Sauvignon blanc and gris, Colombard, Gros and Petit Manseng, Cabernet franc, etc.


In one generation, our property has grown from 18 to 160 ha of vines! Thanks to this close-knit tandem.


Sincerely yours,

Christophe and Sebastien LAFFITTE

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of our wines »

Our vines are planted on the highest hills of AYZIEU, on the borders of Gascony, also nicknamed

“Little Tuscany” for its hilly and varied landscapes. Our terroir, very typical of Bas Armagnac, is essentially composed of “tawny sands” on the surface and “terrebouc” in the basements. These two very special elements give our wines minerality, freshness and power. The climate benefits from the influence of the Atlantic Ocean and the Pyrenees chain. Our rainy and mild winters quickly give way to hot and dry summers followed by a beautiful autumn. This very special climate gives our vineyard an exceptional ripening potential and ensures the production of red wines marked by very ripe fruit.

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